Trump Outraged After 2nd Fox News Host Turns Against Him LIVE On Air


There is a true double-standard where Donald Trump and former President Obama are concerned, and even those on the right are starting to acknowledge it. In an interview on Friday, Fox News Anchor, Chris Wallace drew Fox News-type parallels between Donald Trump’s treatment of the media and Fox’s perception of how former President Obama treated the network.

Former President Obama never told a reporter to “sit down” or initiated aggressive and borderline threatening verbal spats with members of the press. President Obama never used social media to bully, threaten or otherwise address the media in the ways Donald Trump does. However, Wallace’s acknowledgement that Donald Trump should be held to the same standard that former President Obama was supposedly held to, is a fair one, in theory.

Rebutting Donald Trump’s assertion that reporting regarding matters that Trump doesn’t like, is “fake,” Wallace had this to say about stories concerning Trump and his staff:

‘A lot of it is accurate reporting of things the president doesn’t like.’

While Wallace didn’t acknowledge the highly sensationalized information that Fox News puts out, especially during President Obama’s time in office, he further opined:

‘We got plenty of criticism at Fox from President Obama during the last eight years and we didn’t fall into line because of that, and I think most of the viewers out there salute us for not falling into line. You have to consider, if it’s something that you don’t like, how would you feel if it was the other way around? If you don’t like the idea that President Obama is telling the press what to do, you can’t like it when it’s President Trump, somebody a lot of viewers here may admire, telling reporters what to do.’

Failing to leave his comments at holding Trump accountable in the same ways the conservative media said they were with President Obama, Wallace also questioned why there wasn’t more coverage of President Obama supposedly freezing out networks like Fox. To that end, however, the fact that Fox didn’t raise awareness around how they felt President Obama treated them while he was in office, as opposed to now, makes it natural to question the sincerity of the claims Wallace made.

Chris Wallace made some good points, however, he stopped short of stating the obvious: There is a glaring double-standard where expectations around President Obama’s behavior and Donald Trump’s are concerned. Wallace also failed to support his argument regarding President Obama’s alleged mistreatment of the conservative media.

Chris Wallace’s commentary may be watched below:

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