Attendance For Trump’s ‘Huge’ Florida Rally Released – Prepare For Tantrum


Size queen President Donald J. Trump will be crying soon to reporters, and his Press Secretary Sean “Spicy” Spicer will be running amok with word salads after they get a look at this.

Today, a rally was held in Melbourne, Florida for Trump supporters. Trump took the time off from his oh so busy, super important job being President and leader of the (not so) free world, to fly to Florida and talk with his base. However, he will be disappointed to hear that his audience wasn’t nearly as big as the same rally he held in September in Melbourne.

Back in September, Trump tweeted / bragged:

‘Unbelievable evening in Melbourne, Florida w/ 15,000 supporters- and an additional 12,000 who could not get in. Thank you! #TrumpTrain #MAGA’

However, this time around, Melbourne Police tweeted out confirmation that all the attendees had arrived and were accounted for. Problem is, the number wasn’t quite the big 15,000.

‘All attendees now in the AeroMod hangar for the @realDonaldTrump rally. Total attendees at event = 9,000.’

We can hear Trump now. “Wrong.” “Fake.” “Fake news.” However, that’s coming from the local police administration. Trump, of course, during the rally mentioned the huge crowd size but threw shade at the media saying they wouldn’t show the crowd. He said:

‘And, by the way, do you think that one media group back there, that one network, will show this crowd? Not one. Not one. They won’t show the crowd.’

However, social lead for #CNBC’s breaking news desk, tweeted:

‘Trump says media won’t show crowd. The pool feed on every cable channel showed the crowd when he arrived.’

Though some could argue covering crowd size is useless and a waste of time when so many other issues are going on, it is important to highlight the president’s inability to accept the truth. His crowd just wasn’t as big as his last crowd, which may support the suggestion that Trump supporters across the country are beginning to have regrets. We can only wait to see how Trump will react.

Featured image via Getty Images / Joe Raedle.