CNN Has Sunday Night Shaming Of Donald Trump Over ‘Sweden Terror Attack’


At a campaign rally on Saturday, President Donald Trump made a reference to a terror attack that had happened in Sweden the day prior, issuing a warning of what could happen to the United States if the country did not protect itself. However, such an event never occurred and the people of Sweden were understandably confused.

Now it has been revealed that Trump based these comments off something he’d heard on Fox News.

‘My statement as to what’s happening in Sweden was in reference to a story that was broadcast on concerning immigrants & Sweden.’

The problem with Trump’s comments is that it appears that he made the statements before he fully understood the segment in question. It’s simply the latest example of Trump reacting before he gets all of the facts.

CNN anchor Athena Jones expressed confusion at Trump’s explanation of events, noting that it highlights a problem that has plagued Trump since his campaign began.

‘Now it’s clear, at least, what the president was referring to. We know that he is an avid watcher of cable news, he particularly likes Fox.

I’ve got to tell you, Pamela. this lack of precision, the president repeating things he hears — something he’s been doing since the very beginning of his campaign — it’s causing problems. It’s already causing problems and it shows that words matter and that the whole world is watching and listening very carefully to what the president has to say.’

From there, Brown turned his attention to Atlantic columnist Ron Brownstein, who said that Trump’s recent Sweden comments are a continuation of a pattern we’ve seen many times from the new president.

‘It continues a pattern we’ve seen from the campaign and what’s striking is how little the pattern has changed as president.’

The Washington Post’s Sarah Westwood noted that the same style that made Trump popular along the campaign trail is in fact causing problems as president. Indeed, it seems as if the Trump administration is in constant campaign mode. After the primaries, people kept waiting for Trump to pivot to the centre, yet he never did. Now it appears that we might have to spend the next four years waiting for him to transition from campaigner to president.

For more information, you can see the exchange below via YouTube:

Featured image via Getty Images.