GOP Senator Hits Trump: ‘Free Press Worth Fighting & Dying For’


Like his Republican colleague John McCain, Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC.) has had a contentious relationship with President Trump and that has escalated in light of the president’s recent attacks on the press.

During an interview with CBS’ Face The NationGraham said that he believes that “the backbone of democracy is a free press and independent judiciary.”

During McCain’s interview with NBC, the Arizona senator warned that attacking the press is how dictators get started. Graham was quick to point out that he does not believe that America is becoming a dictatorship, but he does believe that  his colleague “was right to say that we need as politicians to understand the role of the press and jealously guard it.”

Both Graham’s and McCain’s comments were made in response to President Trump’s tweet where he called the press the “enemy of the American people.”

Trump’s frequent attacks on the press have drawn fire from many within his own party who feel that such comments are un-American.

That said, Graham was also critical of the press’s treatment of Trump and said that they were behaving like an opposition party.

‘I would say this to the American press corps: When it comes to Trump, you’re over the top. You’re acting more like an opposition party. Every president’s had problems with the press. You need to do your job, but from a Republican point of view, I think the coverage against President Trump has been almost to the point of being hysterical.’

Graham’s support of Trump is a fairly recent development for the senator. During the campaign, he frequently attacked Trump and even compared choosing between Trump or Ted Cruz to a choice between being shot or poisoned.

Many within the Republican Party have shown a willingness to forgive Trump for his many sins since he helped lead the party to victory, but Graham is mistaken when he compares the media to an opposition party. The media is merely reporting facts that Trump doesn’t like. The only way that makes them an opposition party is if Trump and the GOP are in opposition to reality.

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