John McCain Makes Anti-Trump Announcement On Sunday Talk Show – Here We Go


Fresh off the heated Saturday rally held by President Trump in Melbourne, Florida, Arizona’s U.S. Senator John McCain refused to say if he has confidence in Trump while appearing on a Sunday talk show. McCain also spoke positively of the ongoing Congressional efforts to investigate Trump over his ties to Russia.

In an interview with NBC’s “Meet the Press,” McCain was asked, bluntly, how much confidence he has in Trump.

The Senator and former Presidential candidate began his reply by saying, “Well, I worry. I worry about the president’s understanding of some of these issues and his contradictory articulations.”

Indeed, on a number of occasions, Trump has flip flopped on important issues of global security. Will he lift the sanctions against Russia or not? Will he impose a massive tariff on goods imported from Mexico or not? Will he support NATO or not?

McCain went on:

‘And I think the rollout of the, quote, ‘immigration reform’ was an example of a need for an orderly decision-making process in the White House. And that, I think, is probably what’s plaguing them more than anything else right now.’

Indeed, Trump’s Muslim targeting travel ban was so sudden and drastic that authorities around the country had no clear idea what they were supposed to actually do in the wake of its signing. This sorry state of affairs led to a number of people being detained completely unnecessarily. There was confusion as to whether the ban applied to green card holders or not.

McCain, while appearing on Meet the Press, also spoke to the concerns of many Americans over the disproportionately powerful role that white supremacist Steve Bannon has in the Trump White House.

Of Bannon, who was a key figure behind the ill fated travel ban, McCain commented:

‘[I’m very worried about] Mr. Bannon’s role as both political advisor and member of the National Security Council. Former Secretary of Defense Gates has said he’s deeply concerned. So has Leon Panetta and many others who view the National Security Council as apolitical and should not be influenced by any political influences.’

And finally, the Senator spoke to the ongoing investigations into Trump’s connections to Russia, saying firstly that he hopes Americans have the confidence fitting to the Congress’s ample ability to properly investigate Trump. Secondly, directly addressing host Chuck Todd, Senator McCain commented, “One thing that you and I know from being around Washington, there’s probably going to be some more shoes to drop.”

McCain’s comments are indicative of a large, deeply set Congressional discontent with the way that the Trump administration is doing things. This discontent has manifested thus far most notably in what’s now a long list of Congressional investigations into Trump’s alleged ties to Russia.

Although Senators such as McCain, Lindsey Graham of South Carolina, and Marco Rubio of Florida are with Trump up to the relatively “normal” points of backing his nominees for his Cabinet, they draw the line on him allegedly opening the door for Vladimir Putin’s Russia to have a significant say in American politics. By all appearances, they’re not about to let Trump get away with appeasing Russian aggression, having, for example, introduced legislation to force Congressional approval for any lifting of sanctions against Russia on Trump’s part.

Featured Image via Cheriss May/ NurPhoto via Getty Images.