Trump Caught Being A Huge Jerk To Melania On Leaked Video Tape (VIDEO)


No one ever accused President Donald Trump of being a gentleman. Yet when it comes to his treatment of his third and current wife, Melania Trump, his actions draw tremendous controversy.

Trump previously drew criticism for his treatment of Melania on his inauguration day as he exited the vehicle he and Melania had travelled in, alone. He strode up to greet President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama without a morsel of consideration for his wife, leaving her to join them entirely independently. He was in fact so dismissive of Melania’s presence that he left the task of welcoming her into the doors to Barack and Michelle.

Then, a shocking video arose from the inauguration proceedings where Melania was captured on video clearly mortified or at least, profoundly disturbed by something Trump had said to her. In what quickly became a popular GIF, Donald Trump turned himself partially around to say something to Ms. Trump, which she received with a wide smile. However, as soon as President Trump turned back around, Ms. Trump exhibited a remarkably disturbing scowl.

Concerns over Donald and Melania Trump’s relationship grew from there. Incorporating Melania Trump’s apparent lack of interest in her husband’s politics, to a source allegedly close to Ms. Trump claiming she was “miserable,” America was convinced a third Trump divorce was on the horizon.

Saturday, these rumors were re-ignited at Donald Trump’s Melbourne, Florida ‘2020 campaign’ rally. While it was likely intended to be perceived as a positive that Melania Trump accompanied her husband and participating vocally in the rally, the end result was anything but.

As President Trump descended the steps of Air Force One, Melania was left trailing behind her husband again. Donald Trump made no attempts to check on the status of his wife’s descent down those stairs either, as he reached the bottom and promptly arranged himself in the waiting vehicle, closing the door behind him. Once Melania had finished walking down the stairs, she quickly realized that Trump had planted himself in the seat nearest to the door and would not be moving over for her. That led to the first lady having to walk all the way around the vehicle to get herself situated in the waiting car.

While his actions do lend themselves well to allegations that Trump is a malignant narcissist, they are confusing due to Trump’s obsession with how the media portrays him. He must have known such a snub would draw him unfavourable coverage, so is Trump as obsessed with the media as he seems, or is he just that incapable of self-regulation?

Check out the snub in the clip below:

Feature Image via Getty Images/Alex Wong.