Trump Just Sent Out A Sadly Delusional President’s Day Tweet In All Caps (IMAGE)


This morning, around 6:30, Donald Trump took to twitter to acknowledge President’s Day, which he likely thinks has something to do with him. He also added his campaign slogan, despite that he’s already been elected and his campaign is over, to the end of the same tweet.

It’s a good thing that Donald Trump is always there to pat himself on the back because it’s unlikely he’s going to spend President’s Day receiving praise. On Twitter it seems that people are using President’s Day to either ignore or point out the many, numerous, endless list of flaws U.S. President number 45 has.

Here is a few President’s Day Tweets both to and about the president on this United States holiday:

Don’t worry, Trump, I’m sure Mike Pence and Paul Ryan will wish you a happy President’s Day today.

Featured Image via Getty Images