Tucker Carlson Said Something Painfully Stupid On Fox & Friends Today (VIDEO)


Monday morning, a correspondent for Fox News, Tucker Carlson showed his face on Fox & Friends. Carlson shared his beliefs regarding Donald Trump using a segment of Tucker Carlson Tonight to base one of the utmost astonishing minutes of his speech from this previous weekend.

Donald Trump actually admitted in a tweet that he had used a statement that Carlson had directed towards Sweden’s refugee policy to refer to a hypothetical terror event. Sweden is in denial that the incoming refugees have caused immense danger and increased crimes. They blame the rapes on men who are citizens and not the refugees.

Filmmaker Ami Horowitz stated:

‘In Sweden’s own words they consider themselves a humanitarian superpower. Sweden feels that it is their moral duty to open their borders to any and all refugees that want to come to them.’

Carlson suggested that Trump needed to be more specific in his comments to eliminate any gray area or misinterpretations that may occur. He also pointed out that we may have overlooked the message Trump was trying to portray related to the crime rates and Muslim assimilation in the communities of Europe.

Trump tweeted:

‘My statement as to what’s happening in Sweden was in reference to a story that was broadcast on @FoxNews concerning immigrants & Sweden.’

There have been several efforts made to address the refugee crisis in European countries in order to correct the social dislocation which may have had an opposing effect and cause an increase of Nationalism, Carlson debated.

By the end of the segment, co-host of Fox News, Steve Doocy had mentioned how the news had over reacted when chiming in on Trump’s make believe terror attack that was scoffed at by many people, including the government of Sweden.

Doocy speculated:

‘They missed the point. There’s trouble in Sweden.’

To that Carlson rehashed that President Trump needed to be direct and to the point. Carlson was also disgusted with the way other news channels had analyzed the President of The U.S. saying: ‘so stupid that it’s hard to believe that it made it on television.’
In case you missed it, watch the entire segment for yourself below:

Featured image is a screenshot from the video.