Sweden’s Official Twitter Account Takes On Trump’s Alternative Facts And It’s Perfect


During his recent rally on Friday, Donald Trump implored his supporters to “look at what’s happening in Sweden” as a way to gauge the necessity of his immigration ban. Trump argued that immigrants were responsible for increased crime and violence in the Scandinavian nation, but Sweden’s official Twitter account disagrees.

The official @Sweden account is managed by a different person every week, but this week it is being managed by Max Karlsson who decided to use his platform as an opportunity to educate President Trump on what was really going on in Sweden.

‘Let’s be clear: a lot happened . Things happen all of the time. Just not the things are spreading.’

From there, Karlsson goes on to detail what is happening in Sweden. He begins by pointing out that despite what Trump would have people believe, violent crime is in the decline in Sweden.

‘We have around 100 murders per year. Thats like two days in the US. Two. Days.’

‘Crime in Sweden has not increased over the last 20 years. On the contrary, Sweden is safer.’

Of course, when it comes to Trump’s fearmongering regarding immigrants and refugees violent crime is only part of the equation. Trump has also warned that immigrants and refugees pose a threat to American’s livelihoods by taking their jobs, but Karlsson says that is not the case in Sweden.

‘During the time Sweden received 250.000 refugees, unemployment has fallen with 1,2%-points.’

‘More people are working in Sweden than ever before… …and in % a higher share is working than in 25 years.’

Karlsson went onto point out that Sweden, immigrants or no immigrants, is richer than it has ever been in the past and that many people consider it the best country in the world in terms of standards of living.

Karlsson’s final message to Trump concerned an issue that Trump has always had trouble with, facts.

‘No country is without challenges, Sweden included. But in order to be able to discuss this properly, we need facts and perspective.’

We really hope Trump doesn’t get into a Twitter war with Sweden over this, but, honestly, we would not be surprised if he did.

Featured image via Getty Images.