Trump Campaign Staff Reveals Tricks To Keeping The POTUS Off Twitter (DETAILS)


President Donald Trump is known for making incendiary comments and sending out 3 a.m. tweets that often get the White House into trouble. However, POLITICO has reported that Trump’s staff have figured out that the key to keeping the president happy is to ensure his media diet contains a high amount of praise and good news.

If no friendly coverage can be found, then Trump’s staff will turn to friendly outlets to help shore up support for whatever particular policy or issue the Trump administration is pushing. Sam Numberg, who served as the communications director for the Trump campaign, said it was important to show Trump that he was being covered positively.

‘If candidate Trump was upset about unfair coverage, it was productive to show him that he was getting fair coverage from outlets that were persuadable. The same media that our base digests and prefers is going to be the base for his support. I would assume the president would like see positive and preferential treatment from those outlets and that would help the operation overall.’

In terms of controlling the message, the Trump campaign got very adept at using media outlets such as Breitbart, Fox, Infowars, the Daily Caller, and other right-wing outlets to show Trump that the media was covering him “fairly.”

One former official described this process as creating an echo chamber for then-candidate Trump and his supporters.

‘We made sure that conservative media was aware of it, they connected the echo chamber.’

Despite his obsession with Twitter, Trump is rather old-fashioned in how he consumes media and prefers printed copies over digital mediums. This was highlighted by the fact that during a recent press conference, he made reference to what stories the media would run tomorrow, despite the fact that most newspapers had updated their websites with stories concerning his comments.

Trump’s preference for physical medium makes it somewhat easier for his staff to filter what he reads, but he is also an avid view of cable news and will, on occasion, go off on Twitter tangents ranting about something CNN or another outlet reported about him.

For example, it was recently reported that Trump’s Supreme Court nominee reportedly said that he found Trump’s attack on the judiciary “disheartening” and “demoralizing.” In response, Trump took to Twitter to attack Sen. Richard Blumenthal, the Connecticut Democrat who reported Neil Gorsuch’s comments.

Trump’s frequent Twitter feuds are well-known, but it is rather unnerving that the president’s staff is having to resort to these sort of tactics in order to keep Trump’s temper in check.

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