VP Pence Makes Disgustingly Hypocritical Statement At Jewish Vandalism Site


On Wednesday, following the recent vandalism that took place at the Chesed Shel Emeth cemetery in University City, Missouri, which is home to over 100 Jewish headstones, Vice President Mike Pence made an appearance and gave a short speech.

Within his speech Pence ironically insisted:

‘There is no place in America for hated, or acts of prejudice, or violence, or anti-Semitism.’

Pence attested that there should be no acts of prejudice or discrimination against anyone in the United States, which is very hypocritical of him, considering his views on the LGBQT community.

Pence is a bigot and has publicly expressed his disapproval of equal opportunities for LGBQT. Let me give you just a few examples that show his hatred towards those who identify differently than he does.

In 2006 Pence suggested that being gay was a choice and also said: “societal collapse was always brought about following an advent of the deterioration of marriage and family. I believe that marriage matters, it is the glue to the american family and the safest harbor to raise children in.”

If anything, Trump and Pence being elected have caused the beginning of a societal collapse, yet neither of them are gay.

A child being raised by two mothers or two fathers who love each other unconditionally and are both nurturing, loving, and compassionate towards their child will always be better for the child than living in a home with a mother and father who are “happily” married and argue, ignore their child, or even abuse their child. If anyone can honestly agree that in this situation a child is still better off living in a “traditional” family home they have got to be homophobic and there is no way they can genuinely care about the well being of these kids.

In 2007 Pence opposed a federal law that would have prohibited workplace discrimination against LGBQT. He claimed it wages war on freedom of religion in the workplace.

We have people all the time complaining that there aren’t enough jobs available and that there are so many “lazy” people on welfare. Yet Pence couldn’t give the LGBQT community, who want to work and support themselves, the common courtesy of protecting them against workplace discrimination. No one wants to work eight to twelve hours a day in a place that they feel uncomfortable in because of who they fell in love with.

Then again in 2010, while favoring the idea that individuals who openly identified as gay were unable to join the military, he didn’t want to see the “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell” policy end. He told CNN:

‘We ought not to use the American military as a backdrop for social experimentation or debating domestic policy issues.’

Who cares who the men and women who devoted their time and life to serving and protecting our country decide to go home to at night after a long, stressful day at work. What difference does it make if a female who identifies as a lesbian is in the military versus a straight woman? If your daughter was in the military and told you her life was saved by a fellow female soldier, would you be mad that the female soldier who saved your child’s life was a lesbian? I think not.

Pence’s speech was as phony as he and Trump are. With as many times as he has discriminated against individuals who fall under the LGBQT category, he can’t go up in front of these people preaching for there to be equality for all and to eliminate the hate in our country without people thinking he is a joke.

Watch Vice President Mike Pence’s full speech below:

Featured image via GettyImages/NurPhoto.