Angry Constituent Completely Destroys Senator Tom Cotton At Town Hall (VIDEO)


“First of all, I am Mary, from Fayetteville, and I am not a paid protester!” she began.

And the crowd went wild.

Republican U.S. Senator from Arkansas Tom Cotton was the latest leading member of the GOP to bear the brunt of constituents’ anger over the way things are going in D.C. while holding town hall meetings back in their home.

The exchange opening this article is just one of many notable instances from Cotton’s own Wednesday town hall meeting.

Cotton’s party as led by Trump has really taken and run with the idea that the masses who continue to turn out to protest the Trump administration are either mostly or entirely paid protesters. Trump himself echoed this claim in a recent tweet, writing that the crowds who have been showing up to Republican town halls are just doing so according to the whims of “liberal activists.”

Such a claim is patently ludicrous. To suggest that there is not a massive well of legitimate anti-Trump sentiment in this nation is on par with suggesting that the sky is green. It’s simply not true. Heck, just look at how many tens of millions of people verifiably did not vote for Trump.

Anyway, to Mary from Fayetteville’s proud declaration, Sen. Cotton gave the cringe worthy response, “Mary, I don’t really care if you or anyone here is paid or not, you’re all Arkansans, and I want to hear from you.”

That’s a sickeningly cunning way to avoid the question of whether or not paid protesters are or aren’t actually showing up to oppose Trump and the GOP.

Mary went on to tell Cotton, “We are concerned because it seems like this administration is trampling our Constitutional rights.”

You can watch video of the exchange below.

Another notable exchange at Cotton’s town hall took place when a woman asked anyone in the crowd affected by ObamaCare to stand up. As NBC’s Bradd Jaffy put it, basically the whole crowd stood up.

You can watch video of that exchange below.

ObamaCare has hurtled closer and closer to its doom under the Trump administration, but Republicans have yet to propose something to effectively replace it.

Featured Image via Mark Wilson/ Getty Images.