Ellen DeGeneres Speaks Out About Trump’s Treatment Of Transgenders (VIDEO)


It was recently announced that the Trump administration would be rolling back the Obama-era protections for transgender students. In a letter addressed to public schools, Trump revoked the guidelines that permitted transgender students from using the restrooms of the gender with which they identified.

The two-page letter does not offer any guidance on the issue and merely states that the Obama administration’s guidelines have been withdrawn due to the fact that they were not properly vetted and could cause confusion.

Despite the Trump administration’s claims of confusion, they failed to provide any evidence that the Obama-era guidelines were causing any disruption at the nation’s schools. In fact, it’s more likely than not that the majority of non-transgender students did not even notice the Obama-era rules being implemented.

Obviously, many people are upset over Trump’s rescinding of the Obama administration’s protections of transgender students and one of those people is TV star Ellen DeGeneres who took to Twitter to voice her disgust over the current administration’s actions.

‘Just seeing the news about removing laws protecting trans people. This isn’t about politics. It’s about human rights, and it’s not okay.’

Indeed, one of the most disturbing thing about the Trump administration is its willingness to play politics with peoples’ lives. Whether it’s the Muslim ban which placed thousands of innocent people at risk or this latest order which could harm countless students, Trump has shown he’ll do pretty much anything to score political points.

This is not an issue of politics or public policy, but of protecting human rights. Reasonable people can disagree over taxes, the role of government, and even things like the Affordable Care Act. However, there is no purpose for Trump to overturn Obama’s protections for transgender students. All he has done is making life harder for these students.

‘For anyone who feels scared or hopeless, know that we will never stop fighting for your rights.’

As this news shows, we’re in for a difficult four years, but Ellen’s last tweet is encouraging as it shows that people are willing to stand up to Trump.

Featured image via Getty Images.