Man Accused Of Trump Racism Booted From Flight – Watch As Passengers Rejoice (VIDEO)


“Goooodbyeee raaacists!” That’s what The Washington Post reports a passenger on a United Airlines flight from Chicago to Houston, remarked to a male and female as they were kicked off the plane on Saturday evening.

According to The Post, the male thought it was acceptable to ask a Pakistani man:

‘That’s not a bomb in your bag, is it?’

The Pakistani passenger was with a woman, and the pair didn’t hear the uncouth comment that had been made, so it was repeated. Because there are still good people in the world, another passenger informed a flight attendant, other travelers complained and there was a heated verbal exchange between an Indian-American male passenger and the individual who made the racist remark.

Because cowards rarely own their cowardly acts, the person who made the comments lied and said:

‘I didn’t say anything.’

However, in this day of mobile devices and cameras the entire incident was recorded, including the proud racist saying that “illegals” needed to be put off the plane. He didn’t stop there. He also added:

‘Happy flight home. I hope you stay there’

The notion that Trump’s America is one where racism and intolerance are accepted and encouraged, isn’t some hypersensitive creation of oppressed people looking to blame “the man” for their woes. It’s real.

The KKK’s official newspaper endorsed Donald Trump; Trump never denounced the support or the terrorist acts the group has engaged in for decades. Among one of many hate crimes, a woman with brown skin was verbally and physically assaulted and spat on at a Trump rally in Louisville, KY. Trump didn’t address or show remorse for the abuse the young woman endured because of her skin color.

When a Trump campaign staffer posted racist material online, he wasn’t banned from being affiliated with the administration, he was given a job in the void of common sense, DeVos-led Department of Education. Trump promoted a known racist.

The Muslim Ban and Mexican wall are just two more drops in Donald Trump’s buckets of hate.

Until Tuesday, Donald Trump never formally addressed the above or any abhorrent issues that have been staples of his campaign and administration thus far as behaviors that won’t be tolerated. In fact, he has done just the opposite, often fanning the fires of the racists who behave badly in his presence or to display their support of him. Moreover, his insincere, too little too late, poppycock ignorant attempt to denounce racism on Tuesday doesn’t present a convincing argument that he cares about diversity, equity and inclusion.

This is the America Donald Trump has brought back to surface.

The video of courageous passengers confronting the manifestation of Trump’s America, head-on, is below care of The Washington Post:

Featured Image via Getty/NBC/Contributor