Steve Bannon Just Accused Of Elder Abuse By Former Intel Operative (TWEETS)


A white supremacist and former editor of conservative “news” site Breitbart News, Steve Bannon is the “only male aide who dared to visit Trump’s office without a suit and tie,” an act that speaks volumes about his role within the Trump administration.

By now, it’s clear Bannon is the one calling the shots in the White House, with many even dubbing him the “de facto president.”

“Based on several draconian and probably unconstitutional executive orders issued by President Trump and the unprecedented and deeply troubling appointment of his special adviser, Stephen Bannon, to sit on the National Security Council, it appears that Mr. Trump has indeed ceded authority to Mr. Bannon to basically act as the de facto president,” an editorial in the New York Times describes.

Even GQ called him the “true president” in an article detailing his swift rise to power: “If Donald Trump has shown anything during his first eleven days in office, it’s that he’s a coward with no ideas of his own, who is more than happy to be a puppet for the true president of the United States: Steve Bannon. Sure, Trump acts like he’s in charge, but that’s because he’s too dumb to realize that Bannon is so obviously pulling the strings that he’s become a joke.”

Trump’s senior policy adviser Stephen Miller is well known for his Islamophobia, defending of rapists, and denying of racism.

Both Miller and Bannon are seen as the key figures behind Trump’s controversial Muslim ban, something many argue was heavily pushed forward by both men and merely finalized by President Trump.

Comparing their role to Priebus and Spicer, The Atlantic notes:

‘Miller, along with chief strategist Steve Bannon, are the key figures of what could be called the Breitbart wing, one ideological grouping within the White House; the other, the Washington wing, is represented by chief of staff Reince Priebus and press secretary Sean Spicer, both longtime Republican hands and experienced political insiders.’

Things have gotten so out of hand, in fact, that “Impeach President Bannon” signs have begun popping up across the country. Not only that, however, but now many are mocking Bannon and Miller’s control over Trump. Many have taken to Twitter, such as former intelligence operative Naveed Jamali, who tweeted early Thursday accusing both men of “elderly abuse” for seemingly calling the shots from within the White House.

‘BREAKING NEWS: Bannon and Miller investigated by D.C. Police for elder abuse of 70 yo area man. Old man forced to sign documents,” Jamali wrote, referencing Trump’s slew of executive orders signed since becoming president.

The tweet caught the attention of MSNBC’s Joy-Ann Reid, who responded with an all-caps “LOL,” and others who admitted that Jamali had almost had them fooled.

Honestly, we’ve reached a point where Jamali’s satirical claims wouldn’t even be surprising.

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