Fox News Runs Public Opinion Poll On Trump And It Backfires Big Time (DETAILS)



President Donald Trump has a longstanding love affair with unscientific polls. During the general election season, Trump repeatedly tweeted the numbers from completely unscientific polls that asked internet users who they felt had won each of the respective debates. Each of these polls rated Trump as the winner of all three of the debates.

The scientific polls showed a much different story, with post-debate polls conducted by CNN after each of the three debates rating Hillary Clinton as the winner of every one of the debates. As it turns out, the fact that Clinton had a strong performance in each of the debates didn’t matter much — Trump is president.

What sticks out about this hassle over the post-debate polls, however, is how fond Trump is of dubious assertions. He didn’t give any consideration to the fact that the poll numbers that he was tweeting about after each one of the debates didn’t really mean anything, even though he acted as though they did.

Sometimes, however — well, at least this one time, the Trump team’s love of what they call “alternative facts” has backfired.

Fox News posted a user generated poll on their website earlier this week, asking web users what they thought of Trump’s first month in office.

The poll’s options allow users to choose that they think Trump’s performance has been “great,” “mixed,” or “poor.”

The deeply ironic catch is that the vast majority of poll responses as of late Friday evening are that Trump has done a “poor” job in his first month as president.

You can see the poll results below. There are what works out to around 29,827 votes in the “Trump has done a poor job” column, and there are around 8,800 votes in the “Trump has done a great job” column.


Mind you, again, this poll is not scientific. Trump’s actual job approval rating, as gathered from all of the available scientific polls, is dismal, but it’s not that dismal.

According to the Huffington Post, around one in two Americans do not approve of the job that Trump is doing as president.


Featured Image via Olivier Douliery – Pool/ Getty Images.