These Photos Disprove Trump’s Lies About The Crowd Size At CPAC (IMAGES)


During his speech at CPAC, Donald Trump claimed that the lines to see him were stretching across six blocks. However, as anyone who remembers the controversy over the size of the crowds at Trump’s inauguration knows, the president has a problem when it comes to accurately reporting crowd sizes and, sure enough, CPAC was no different.

The Slot was on hand at CPAC to check the president’s statements and it turns out that, unsurprisingly, he was lying about the size of the crowds. The Slot asked one of the CPAC volunteers if she had seen any crowds. The woman reported that there were occasional crowds when people arrived on buses, however, when asked about the president’s comments, the woman reportedly laughed and said, “No! Six blocks?”

‘These are the entrances to the hotel where Trump just claimed people were lined up six blocks waiting to get in’

Another woman who was working the event did say that there were people lined up to get in, but only because they were hoping to buy tickets or had to show email confirmations in lieu of their passes. The woman did mention that she had to turn away a couple of hundred people who didn’t have tickets.

In addition to the those working the event, the reporter spoke to two police officers who were providing security for the event. Neither of them saw any crowds. One even noted that the event was busier Thursday than it was on the day of Trump’s speech.

It’s worth noting, however, that National Harbor isn’t even 6 blocks long. It turns out that once again, Trump absurdly over exaggerated the size of his CPAC crowd.

The strange thing about this is that there is no reason for Trump to lie about these crowd sizes. No one really cares how many people attended his inauguration or how many people heard him speak at CPAC. It simply does not matter to anyone aside from Trump himself.

That being said, we aren’t surprised to find out that Trump lied about this. After all, large crowds would certainly boost his ego and it appears that, as an egomaniac, that’s Trump’s main concern.

Featured image via Getty Images.