Anderson Cooper Reaches Breaking Point Over Trump’s Insanity, Goes Viral (VIDEO)


As the controversy continues to rage on over President Donald Trump’s treatment of the media, CNN’s Anderson Cooper hosted former Labor Secretary Robert Reich and longtime Trump supporter and CNN commentator Jeffrey Lord for a Friday discussion about the whole thing.

The conversation, unsurprisingly, quickly exposed the kind of deeply flawed logic routinely employed by the Trump camp, and Cooper’s deeply furrowed brow served, along with Reich’s look of utter disgust, as a stand in for the response of us all to Lord’s bizarre pro-Trump comments. Cooper’s openness with regard to how he felt about what Lord was saying was refreshing at the very least, and comes as major news outlets continue to stand up to Trump’s attacks.

Lord began by staging a pathetic attempt at a defense against those criticizing the fact that Trump recently called the news media the “enemy” of the American people. His argument was that, well, Trump had never called the news media the enemy of the American people at all. Rather, Lord said, Trump had simply asserted that “fake news” media was the enemy of the American people.

Um, okay then.

It’s purely a semantic distinction, and the Trump administration has long proved that semantics mean little in their world. For instance, Trump, the other day, called the ongoing Immigration and Customs Enforcement deportations a “military operation,” with White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer following up Trump’s comments with a claim that the president had meant that the operation was “precise.” Military, when used as an adjective, does not mean “precise.” Trump’s ego, however, as Reich eventually noted, is much more important to him then such things as the proper usage of semantics.

Reich pointed all of this out in no uncertain terms, slamming Lord — and Trump in the process — and pointing out that Trump means just the general mainstream media by the term “fake news.”

Cooper eventually pivoted away from Lord’s comments and asked Reich why it is that Trump is so attached to this idea that it’s within reason to call the news media the “enemy of the American people.”

Reich replied that it is likely both to distract from the ongoing scandal over the president’s connections to Russia and to undercut the believability of any further revelations in this regard.

The former Labor Secretary went on even more forcefully after Lord again attempted to defend Trump, as you can watch in the video below.

Cooper ends the segment with a the dismissively resentful comment that at least now the panelists, Cooper included, won’t be talking any longer about the size of someone’s mandate.

Featured Image via Screenshot from the Video.