JUST IN: Truck Plows Into Crowd During Mardi Gras Parade In New Orleans (DETAILS)


Reports are emerging out of New Orleans Saturday night about a man having driven a truck into a crowd of people during a Mardi Gras parade. Veteran reporter Steve Herman, posted this tweet giving few details, but confirming that an incident has in fact happened:

‘#MardiGras2017 parade in New Orleans continues after a truck nearby plowed into crowd. One man – possibly drunk – reported in custody.’

Other tweets from the scene of the accident that paint a clearly picture of what may have taken place, are slowly starting to emerge:

‘#MardiGras2017 Orleans & Carrollton – at least a dozen are critical after someone slammed their vehicle into the Endymion crowd.’

‘Aftermath photos of Endymion accident taken from twenty feet away from where the car crashed of [sic] front of us. Scary’

The Times-Picayune reported that 12 people were injured. Parade-goer, Greg McNeely reported that he was enjoying the parade when a pick-up truck came speeding through the intersection. McNeely heard three crashes, then a fourth and saw that the truck had crashed into a garbage bin. McNeely saw several people, including a police officer pinned between the truck and the garbage bin, or under the truck.

According to McNeely:

‘He took out rows of people.’

Although initial reports are that the driver of the vehicle in New Orleans was allegedly under the influence, alarm is at a higher level because of a similar incident that took place in Heidelberg, Germany on Saturday. One person was killed and two were injured when a driver intentionally drove a vehicle into a crowd, ran away on foot, then brandished a knife before police shot him.

The video below, care of YouTube, shows the scene at the Endymion Parade in New Orleans where the accident took place:

Featured Image via Getty/Chris Graythen/Stringer