‘Fox News Sunday’ Finally Turns On Trump Administration & It Was Spectacular


When given the chance to truly hold the Trump administration accountable for their self-inflicted struggles with the media, Chris Wallace previously fell short of being the hard-nosed reporter that his father was. Perhaps in an effort to redeem himself, Wallace took a more firm stance Sunday, when he didn’t let Trump flunky and fired former campaign manager, Corey Lewandowski get away with the usual, “Donald Trump is the victim, he is great. The media is being mean to him,” rhetoric.

As part of Wallace’s opening with Lewandowski, he asserted:

‘I want to talk about the Trump agenda with you. These last couple of weeks of Mr. Trump’s first days in office have been dominated by attacks on the media and the intelligence community.’

Wallace then cut to a video of Steve Bannon at CPAC whereby Bannon went full tilt on the media. After the clip, Wallace asked the legitimate question:

‘Do all of these attacks on the media, intelligence, and opponents, does that get in the way of [Trump’s agenda]?’

The reality is that outside of dismantling ObamaCare, building a wall between the U.S. and Mexico and being an Islamophobic segregationist, Trump hasn’t set forth a real agenda.

Wallace went on to say:

‘He may be right or he may be wrong. But how many jobs does that [bashing the media/intelligence community] create?’

Keeping with the Trump philosophy that they never do anything wrong, Lewandowski asserted that Donald Trump has no other choice, but to attack the media. He cried:

 ‘They have their own agenda and this is the first President in a lifetime that has the ability to fight back through social media. He has to do this to get the real story out to the American people.’

Yes, Lewandowski, on a major network, said that the only recourse Donald Trump has to defend himself is to act like a child on social media. Old fashioned press releases, rational and even-tempered interviews, White House publications, etc., have no place in the Trump administration. To that end, Lewandowski offered no answer to Wallace’s question, but that’s because there isn’t a legitimate response other than the truth.

Trump’s internet and other antics aren’t improving foreign policy, creating jobs, or building trust with the American people. Actually, Trump’s temperament, chosen method of communication (Twitter and alt-right media), and lack of transparency, are hurting the aforementioned cornerstones of effective leadership.

To watch Chris Wallace hold Corey Lewandowski’s feet to to the flames, view the clip below care of YouTube:


Featured Image via YouTube.