Jake Tapper Trolls Sean Spicer Hard On Twitter – W.H. Tantrum Imminent (TWEETS)


Jake Tapper continues to let the Trump administration know that he is not here to play with or otherwise be bullied by them. Tapper isn’t backing down and has once again seized an opportunity to put Donald Trump and his staff, in their places.

This time, Tapper put Sean Spicer in his place after Spicer went sympathy seeking regarding controversy around where he was born. Spicer attempted to make himself a victim deserving of pity with this tweet:

Within hours, Tapper shut Spicer down with his reply. The extra dig was Tapper having mentioned former President Obama:

There always seems to be a feud between members of the Trump administration and the media. This particular disagreement stems from a story The New York Times ran that had Spicer incorrectly listed as “New England born.” The Times has since printed a retraction, but it too is reflective of how fed-up mainstream media is with the Trump administration.

The retraction reads:

‘Because of an editing error, an earlier version of this article referred incorrectly to Sean Spicer’s upbringing. He was New England bred, having been raised in Rhode Island; he was not “New England born.” (Mr. Spicer would not go on the record and give the correct facts pertaining to his birthplace.)’

The Times article itself is likely a source of contention. The story centers around the power Trump had over tabloids, and quite frankly, even some mainstream media outlets with whom he is now mortal enemies with. Glenn Thrush, the author of the article didn’t sit idly by while Spicer tried to smear his name. Thrush tweeted:

Because Trump and his staff always seem to have a case of last worditis, Spicer replied:

While Spicer may have thought that he was putting Thrush in his place, it’s important to note that Spicer alludes to one email, but Thrush was intentional in his word choice when he wrote that he sent two emails and didn’t receive a response to either. Spicer “failed to mention” that two emails were sent to him.

Trump and his staff love to play semantics when they think it’s beneficial to them. This is really a petty matter given that those sick of the antics of the Trump administration, Spicer included, don’t care where Spicer was born. However, this issue is noteworthy because it speaks to how defensive Trump and his staffers get when they feel they’ve been wronged (even if it’s their own fault, i.e., not replying to an email), but how proud and boastful they are when they wrong others, or are simply wrong in the things they do and say.

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