‘Meet The Press’ Devotes Entire Show To Exposing Donald Trump As A Fraud (VIDEO)


Following Sunday’s rendition of NBC’s Meet the Press, President Donald Trump is likely chomping at the bit for several reasons.

First, the show headlined with Trump’s negative approval rating, with host Chuck Todd quickly providing data to show how fast Trump has amassed the low number. Second, Trump’s first month in office is compared to the 32 months it took former President Obama’s approval rating to slip into negative range.

However, the most clever shot Todd took at the Trump administration was the manner in which he became one more reporter to allude to possible trouble in paradise where Trump and his staff are concerned. For weeks, there have been rumors that Trump forbade Kellyanne Conway from speaking to the media. Before that, there were whispers of Sean Spicer being fired. On top of that, the Trump administration is still moving in relative secrecy regarding the disgraceful Michael Flynn scandal.

However, when given the chance to shut the rumor mill down and have Conway or Spicer do the jobs they’re paid to do and appear on Meet the Press, Trump declined. Instead, per Chuck Todd, the White House offered a deputy press secretary, instead of a senior cabinet official.

This feud between the Trump administration probably will, but doesn’t feel like it can get any pettier. Trump is constantly crying about how poorly he is portrayed and treated, despite being his own worst enemy in seemingly all he says and does. However, when given the chance to produce a staffer typically regarded as appropriate for interviews such as Meet the Press, Trump offered the equivalent of an understudy.

When Trump does permit a senior administration official to speak, the American people are given the likes of Kellyanne Conway or Sean Spicer, who make stuff up with no regard for how disrespectful their lies are to the people they’re supposed to represent with honesty and integrity.

The American people should take note of the fact that on Sunday, Donald Trump formally said, “Citizens of the U.S., you’re not worthy of the time of anyone higher than a mid-level White House official.” Noted, Trump, duly noted.

To see Chuck Todd explain why he declined to have anyone from the Trump administration on his show, watch the clip below, via YouTube:


Featured Image screengrab via YouTube.