New Trump Job Approval Poll Is In – Historical Results Push POTUS To Breaking Point


Donald Trump has achieved something truly unprecedented in his presidency already– the lowest approval rating ever recorded.

In the words of NBC’s Chuck Todd:

‘The President’s approval rating stands at 44% with 48% disapproving. That is the lowest rating ever recorded in our poll at this early stage of a presidency. For a little perspective, it took President Obama 32 months to fall into negative territory. It took President George W. Bush 41 months.’

Simply put, in the last month even more Americans are reporting they don’t like the job Donald Trump is doing. The majority of Americans outright oppose the policies and direction of the White House.

Upon the release of this information, people took to Twitter to express their reactions. Check out a few of the best ones:

There are many reasons citizens dislike the Trump administration. These reasons include, but definitely aren’t limited to: Trump’s gross disrespect of the media and their Constitutional rights;;

Trump toutes racist, Islamophobic and other hateful views and integrates them into his political agenda.

Trump has made inflammatory remarks about federal judges and the judicial community as a whole.

Then there is the matter of Trump’s almost daily social media meltdowns, which are a national embarrassment. He presents himself as erratic, unstable, immature, and in need of mental health support.

By no means are the reasons given above an exhaustive list of explanations of citizens’ disdain for Donald Trump. Frankly, why people don’t like Trump would only be important if he planned to address those reasons and show that he cares what people think. However, Trump hasn’t displayed the kind of respect for the American people that would lead any reasonable person to believe that he will make changes to gain the favor of the people he is supposed to represent.

As a result of Trump’s unwillingness to listen to the people he represents, most of the country doesn’t like him. That’s sad and a horrible representation of what America is supposed to stand for.

The segment from Sunday morning’s episode of Meet the Press that outlines Trump’s approval rating is below, care of NBC:

Featured Image via Getty/NBC NewsWire.