Trump Just Said Something Terrifying About War That Everyone Needs To Hear (VIDEO)


President Donald Trump has suggested that the U.S. needs to start winning wars again during his request on Monday to increase defense spending by $54 billion. Is this Trump’s way of insinuating that our country will soon be back at war? Hopefully, for the safety of our country and more specifically our military men and women, we are able to avoid going to war at all cost.

‘We must ensure our courageous service men and women, have the tools they need to deter war and when called upon to fight in our name only do one thing, win. We have to win. We have to start winning wars again. I have to say when I was young in high school and college everybody used to say we never lost a war. We never lost a war, you remember. Some of you are right there with me and you remember we never lost a war. America never lost and now we never win a war. We never win and we don’t fight to win. We don’t fight to win. We either got to win or don’t fight it at all.’

Trump looks like a fool by contradicting himself when he mentions that we never used to lose a war, before turning around and saying we never win. The United States has won both World War I and II, along with many other wars.

The Donald needs to get it together. Maybe he should spend his time reading through history books rather than on Twitter criticizing every little thing the media does.

Listen to Donald Trump’s idiotic, monotone speech for yourself below:

Featured image screengrab via video.