Trump Throws Himself A Monday Rally Only To Find That No One Cares (PHOTOS)


Donald Trump has been going on and on about the size of the crowds when he speaks, ever since the empty bleachers that were photographed at his inauguration. Last week President Trump requested for his supporters to hold “massive” rallies in his favor. On Monday, they did their best to please him, but they showed how little support Trump really has.

While projecting the size of pro-Trump rallies, Trump mused on Twitter:

‘Maybe the millions of people who voted to MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN should have their own rally. It would be the biggest of them all!’

Although he predicted for them to be the biggest, he was incredibly wrong. Pictures from rallies throughout the country show very little attendance, with the most people in a single location being a couple of hundred.

Daniel Dale, a reporter for Toronto Star, tweeted some pictures that he found circulating on Twitter that showed the “massive” crowds that appeared at Trump rallies. Even Breitbart, which is a pro-Trump news site, projected for a massive turnout.

Now to take a closer look at individual locations where pro-Trump rallies were held. Raliegh, North Carolina had only a few dozen people:



In downtown Atlanta, Georgia, the crowd size wasn’t much different with “tens of people.”

St. Augustine, Florida had a slight increase of crown population with about 100 people in support of Trump.

A local photographer in Denver, Colorado estimated about 200 people showed up.

Meanwhile, there were the residents of Bellingham, Washington, who stood in the pouring rain gave anti-Trump activists a good laugh.

Trump was terribly wrong. For a legitimate example of a massive or huge crowd, Trump should look back at the pictures from the the first anti-Trump Women’s March in Washington, D.C. It had hundreds of thousands of demonstrators, while the rest of the country marched in solidarity of their home towns.

I’m sure Trump won’t disappoint, just wait there will be a Twitter tantrum soon enough.

Featured image via GettyImages / Win McNamee.