What Sean Hannity Just Said About Trump Is About To Start A Twitter War (VIDEO)


Well then.

Fox News host and infamous right wing icon Sean Hannity just dished out a rare criticism of President Donald Trump while appearing on the radio show of conservative commentator Hugh Hewitt.

Hewitt often hosts noted figures in the right wing world, always exposing some of their most deeply set convictions, for better or for worse. The same applies to Hannity’s appearance on Hewitt’s show, in that the entirely hype-driven foundation of the right’s support for Trump’s rise to power was laid bare.

There’s no substance there — they’re simply following him because he makes them feel good or what-not. On that note, even Trump’s leading supporters can easily point out some of his most serious flaws. Somehow though, those flaws simply aren’t deal-breakers.

First, Hewitt asked Hannity early Monday morning to name some of the things that the Fox host most likes about Trump. Hannity rattled off a list of Trump-ian attributes including perceived “courage.” Hannity painted Trump’s continued disregard for anyone other than himself as “fearlessness,” saying that such an attribute is “what made him the President of the United States.”

Hannity said that he was describing “fearlessness” on Trump’s part, but what he was really describing is that Trump simply does not care about anyone outside of himself. He doesn’t listen to anyone else’s concerns; he simply does and says what he wants to, period. Such appeals deeply to Trump’s emotionally emasculated fan base.

Hewitt went on, pressing Hannity to reveal what it is that he most dislikes about Trump, and here’s where it gets good.

Hannity said:

‘He’s not a perfect person. And the difference between Trump and other politicians… they’ll say anything to get elected, he just stuck to what he believed in. And maybe that’s a fault. In other words, maybe he shouldn’t tweet out every thought he has. Maybe he’s a little too sensitive at times, I think.’

Welcome to the party, Hannity, you’re incredibly late.

The Fox host is painfully accurate in describing our president as “a little too sensitive at times.” Just go look at Trump’s Twitter.

Seriously though, if you’ve even lost Sean Hannity, then seriously, what on earth are you doing?

You can listen to Hannity’s remarks below.

Featured Image via Paul Zimmerman/Getty Images