CNN Announces Trump Replacement For Correspondents’ Dinner – It Is Perfect


Donald Trump’s decision not to attend the White House Correspondents’ Dinner has set off a trickle-down effect that may actually turn out to be a good thing.

For starters, the suggestion has been made that Alec Baldwin and perhaps other members of the SNL cast appear in lieu of Donald Trump. The internet loved that idea:

Now, CNN has decided to make their role in the event a lot less superficial and instead, opt for the chance to provide the highest form of learning to some deserving students. The Washington Post reports that CNN will not invite high-profile politicians to this dinner as the network’s guest; they’re going to provide an experiential learning opportunity to select journalism students.

Dedicated to the Correspondents’ Dinner, CNN released a statement on Tuesday that said they “stand with the WHCA 100 percent, and looks forward to being part of an evening that focuses on funding scholarships and honoring great journalism.”

Yes, generating funds for journalism students who need help paying for school is the point of the dinner. Having them as guests at the dinner should also be  a no-brainer. However, over the years the event has turned into a media, celebrity, and political spectacle. This trend has often brought members of the press harsh criticism because it’s at the dinner that reporters are often seen looking chummy with people they’re supposed to cover in objective, unbiased ways.

CNN’s full statement regarding their plan to shake things up a little at this year’s event, is below:

The manner in which politics has become so sensationalized is the reason why someone with no experience has managed to find his way into the White House. While some will say that the media is partly to blame for this reality, credit has to be given where it’s due. Sowing seeds into the next generation of journalists, is an honest attempt by CNN to rectify a problem they helped to create. Unfortunately, it has taken Donald Trump’s bully behavior and efforts to strip the press of the First Amendment rights, and for them to realize their role in the problem.

Featured Image via Getty/John Greim/Contributor.