JUST IN: N.Y. Governor Andrew Cuomo Makes Major Career Announcement (DETAILS)


New York Governor Andrew Cuomo has been known to avoid Washington, D.C. at all costs. However this past weekend, things seem to have changed.

Cuomo made a rare appearance at the National Governors Association’s winter meeting, taking a large step onto the national political stage. Naturally, the move fueled speculation about a potential intention of running for president in 2020.

During a dinner with the nation’s fellow governors, Cuomo told attendees, “we need to win back the middle-class while pushing progressive values,” a statement one would expect to hear from a politician gearing up to run for office. Cuomo then went on to review the “Middle Class Recovery Act” that he’s currently spearheading in Albany, NY, according to POLITICO.

Although he insists a 2020 presidential run isn’t something he’s considering, his actions largely tell a different story. Of course, with the turbulant nature of the Trump administration thus far, he may just feel morally obliged to speak out against an oppressive regime. That said, we’re hoping otherwise.

Just days before his appearance in Washington, Cuomo pressed congressional Democrats to “stand up” and “fight” to protect the Affordable Care Act (ACA).

At a rally to protect quality healthcare in New York State, Cuomo declared:

‘We say that healthcare is a human right and it doesn’t depend on whether you’re rich or whether you’re poor or where you live. This is one place, one society, one family. To be smart you provide healthcare for all.’

State lawmakers and long-time associates believe the governor is merely preparing for what the future may hold, following Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton’s unexpected loss in November.

Cuomo sees himself as more of a man of action, and less a man of talk, according to colleagues. It’s because of that concrete action he believes he’s a more viable party candidate for 2020 than prospects such as Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) and Sen. Cory Booker (D-NJ).

His work in his home state of New York — including legalizing same-sex marriage in 2011, banning hydro fracking in 2014, and implementing a sidewide minimum wage of $15-per-hour last year — has garnered praise from many.

Sen. Kirsen Gillibrand (D-NY.) said Cuomo would be a “great candidate” for 2020 after saying he’s “done great things in our state. I love the fact that he’s focused on paid leave and marriage equality, so he’s a terrific governor.”

Feature Image via Getty Images/Drew Angerer/Staff.