President Obama Just Made A Huge Career Announcement – He’s ‘Ready To Roll’


Finally, the moment we’ve all been waiting for.

In a stunning turn of events, it’s just been announced that former President Barack Obama will make a return to the political scene just barely one month after leaving office.

Obama’s friend and former Attorney General Eric Holder told reporters, “it’s coming. He’s coming. And he’s ready to roll.”

According to POLITICO, Holder says he’s been talking to Obama about re-entering politics, including how to fundraise and interact with state legislators in ways that would benefit the new National Democratic Redistricting Committee. Last year, Obama asked Holder to chair the committee.

Obama will be a “more visible part of the effort,” Holder said, before going on to say that he believes Republicans will lose state legislative seats in next year’s election. Although it’s not unusual for the party in the White House to lose more seats in an off-year election, Holder expects “we’ll see that on steroids with President Trump.”

Holder also went on to say the Department of Justice’s decision not to challenge a controversial voting ID law in the state of Texas is “disheartening,” criticizing the DOJ under Attorney General Jeff Sessions.

‘It would be good to have the Justice Department on our side. It doesn’t mean the argument can’t be made, and can’t be made well.’

He went on to add:

‘This is really a battle for our democracy. The notion that people are denied their ability to cast a meaningful vote … is inconsistent with who we say we are, inconsistent with what we say our democracy is about.’

On Monday, the Department of Justice ruled to no longer argue fight Texas for alleged discrimination against minorities when the state passed a law requiring voting identification.

Danielle Lang, the Campaign Legal Center’s deputy director of voting rights told reporters:

‘This signals to voters that they will not be protected under this administration. We have already had a nine-day trial and presented thousands of pages of documents demonstrating that the picking and choosing of what IDs count was entirely discriminatory and would fall more harshly on minority voters. So for the [Justice Department] to come in and drop those claims just because of a change of administration is outrageous.’

The Department of Justice fought the issue for six years under the Obama administration, which requires voters to show specific types of government identification before voting, before it was ultimately brought to a close on Monday under Sessions’ leadership.

President Obama has been relatively quiet following his leaving the presidency, but he Holder’s comments seem to confirm Obama will follow through on his promise of continuing to serve and fight for the rights of all Americans.

‘I won’t stop; I’ll be right there with you as a citizen, inspired by your voices of truth and justice, good humor, and love.’

Feature Image via Getty Images/Chicago Tribube/Contributor.