WaPo Reveals FBI Maneuver To Get To Bottom Of Trump/Russia Connection (DETAILS)


The Washington Post just exposed one of the best-kept secrets. The FBI had been in a partnership with a former spy for Britain who was assisting in the investigation of the communication between the Russian Intelligence officials and Donald Trump, who was a presidential candidate at the time.

The report mentioned that top officials in the FBI presented a proposal to compensate Christopher Steele, a previous M16 agent, also known as a secret intelligence service agent. In October, he was offered money to extend his investigation into the weeks leading up to the election. The agreement was made on the basis that the Russians played a part in interfering with the presidential election by hacking the emails of Democrats. What the FBI didn’t know is that he was also concurrently searching for information on Donald Trump, which was being paid for by Democratic supporters of Hillary Clinton.

It is not unusual for the FBI to compensate sources, informants, and outside investigators to help them in their investigations. However, the payment was never received by Steele due to the leak of his 35 page dossier. When Steele’s report was leaked to the public it obscured the intelligence officials causing a halt in communications between the agencies. The leaked reports shared allegations of the rendezvous’ between Russian call girls and Donald Trump.

The FBI believed that Steele was a believable source and had interest in the dirt he was digging up. Steele is known for his excellent work and the familiarity he had gained in the almost 20 years of being involved with issues related to Russia on behalf of British intelligence. The FBI had previously hired Steele to look into a claim of corruption in FIFA, the world soccer organization. Due to previously working with Steele and having a successful outcome,no one, not even the FBI, could foresee the let down Steele would cause.

Now the FBI has the assistance of the Senate Intelligence Committee to complete the investigation of Russia’s communication with Trump’s administration. House Speaker Paul Ryan, said on Tuesday that he has not personally seen any evidence but that the investigation would go so that no stone is unturned, as it should. The issue at hand needs to be fully investigated to prevent any backlash. Of course, if anything was discovered related to The Donald, he would just deny it and once the media released reports he would claim it was “fake news.”

In a report from June 2016 during the early days of his investigation, Steele wrote:

‘Russian regime has been cultivating, supporting and assisting TRUMP for at least 5 years.’

It has been made crystal clear from the beginning that Trump has had previous engagements in Russia, some people are just too ignorant to see the truth and instead are so gullible they believe every lying word that comes from Trump’s wretched lips. Steele stated it was at least five years, so there is no telling how long Trump and Russia have had their little affair going on.

Featured image via Getty Images/ Pool.