New FBI Investigation Revealed – Trump’s Border Patrol In Big Trouble (VIDEO)


This is just wild. It’s as if the test to see if something is going to fly in the Trump Administration is whether or not it’s “out there” enough.

One of the three candidates presently being considered by Donald Trump to head the Border Patrol is reportedly under FBI investigation for having a hand in the illegal usage of funds garnered from criminal investigations.

This individual — Paul Babeu — served as Pinal County, Arizona’s Sheriff until 2016. It’s during his tenure as Sheriff that Babeu allegedly diverted millions of dollars of funds into private accounts in order to exempt their usage from public scrutiny.

But that’s not all. In fact, that’s the farthest thing from “all.”

No, you see, Babeu’s scandalous history reaches back to the turn of the century, when he was head of an unregistered boarding school in Massachusetts. This school, which has since been closed down, was the site of nearly unimaginable horrors that many experts say constitute torture.

The boarding school was marketed as being made for “troubled teens.” However, there was nothing even remotely constructive about the place in terms of addressing why these people were supposedly “troubled.”

Rather, individuals who went to the school were routinely subjected to cruel, inhumane, and torturous punishments. These punishments included such measures as forcing the offending student to sit in a chair facing a corner for 14 hours a day for weeks on end in a form of solitary confinement, and depriving students of proper food, water, and education via putting them in a manual labor program — for over a year in some cases.

To make things even worse, Babeu was at one point caught having a sexual relationship with one of his students. It was Babeu’s sister who made the discovery, happening upon the student while going to visit her brother.

Babeu has denied it all — but there’s a video from 1999 that features him basically confessing to the whole thing while at a family Christmas dinner.

That’s featured in the news segment on the issue below.

And, again, that’s still not all.

At the height of Babeu’s career as a leading voice in the raving white nationalist arm of the Republican Party, going from serving as Sheriff to regularly appearing on Fox News to discuss immigration issues, he was discovered to be living and in a sexual relationship with an undocumented immigrant male named Jose Orozco.

Babeu reportedly threatened to get Orozco deported if he revealed their relationship since, at the time, Babeu hadn’t yet come out as gay.

And, again, this man is being considered by Donald Trump to lead the Border Patrol.

Featured Image via Sandy Huffaker/Getty Images.