Pro-Trump Democrat Targeted By Own Party – Zero Tolerance On Hate (DETAILS)


On Thursday morning several liberal groups will deliver a petition to Chuck Schumer, Senate Minority Leader, asking that he remove Senator Joe Manchin from his Democratic party leadership position.

The argument of the liberal groups is that Senator Manchin’s obviously lack of resistance and more than diplomatic attitude towards President Donald Trump justifies the removal of Manchin as the Democratic Policy and Communications Committee vice chairman.

One of the groups collecting signatures for the petition is CREDO Action, and the website states:

‘There is no justification for Senate Democratic Leader Chuck Schumer to annoint someone as a member of Democratic leadership who consistently votes with Trump’s extreme right-wing priorities, fails to defend our progressive values, and routinely collaborates with Trump by enabling his racist and fascist agenda grounded in xenophobia and hate.’

Since November, when Donald Trump won by over 40 points in Manchin’s home state of West Virginia, Manchin has upset many people by voting for Trump’s Cabinet nominees, disregarding the progressive values of his own Democratic party. On Wednesday he joined the GOP and 15 other Democrats in voting Rep. Ryan Zinke of Montana as secretary of the Interior.

We Will Replace You, is one of the liberal groups involved in collecting signatures for the petition and has also threatened to do the same to any Democratic senators who refuse to commit themselves to resisting the Trump administration and Trump’s flawed agenda.

The participating groups, CREDO Action, Other98, 350 Action, We Will Replace You, and Democracy for America, have managed to gather over 225,000 signatures so far.

The call to action for this petition to remove Manchin came after the Democratic senator participated in an off-the-record meeting with Alt-Right publication Breitbart News, which resulted in leaked audio.

On Thursday morning the activist groups plan to deliver the petition to Schumer’s Capitol Hill office as well as phone all of his state and D.C. offices.

Twitter continues buzzing with responses to Sen. Manchin’s appearance for the president’s first address to Congress on Tuesday evening.

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