Sean Hannity Was just So Ugly To Michelle Obama, Even Trump Steps Back (VIDEO)


Sean Hannity enjoyed viciously attacking former first lady Michelle Obama, not once, not twice, but repeatedly throughout her husband’s campaign and eight years at the White House. Now, the talking head is reinventing his truth.

On the March 2 Premiere Radio Networks’ The Sean Hannity Show, the host claimed that picking on women is the “lowest of low,” according to Media Matters:

‘I think that’s the lowest of low; we’re going to pick on a woman — well, multiple women, because they pick on Kellyanne.’

Hannity came down hard on Democratic Representative Cedric Richmond of Louisiana for his comments at the Washington Press Club Foundation dinner Wednesday night, Media Matters reported:

‘Have a congressman, what’s his name, Cedric Richmond, quote, “joking.” “Conway looked very familiar in that position on the couch in the White House on her knees.”‘

Maybe, he just cannot stand that Michelle Obama was one of the most gracious and elegant first ladies to live in the White House. Certainly, Kellyanne Conway straddling an Oval Office sofa in her bare feet came across as tacky. Conway’s excuse was she needed a photo from a specific angle did not hold water. No, Conway just looked informal to the point of disrespectful to the office and those visiting Donald Trump.

Not even Trump, who spouted racism throughout his campaign, would cross the Hannity ugly line in the sand. Surely, the talk show host could not have forgotten his own many “disgusting and despicable” comments about the former first lady, but apparently he did, as Media Matters reported:

‘Wow. How disgusting and despicable a human being is he? Can you imagine if anyone — which, God forbid, would ever say that about Hillary? Or Michelle Obama? How well would the reaction be?’

Hannity has put a bullseye over Mrs. Obama ever since President Barack Obama ran for office. In spite of her marrying a half-white man, the talk show host has repeatedly called her a “racist” and refers to her as a “bitter and angry” black woman. Although the talk show host said no conservatives ever “picked on Michelle Obama,” he only needs to look into the mirror to see the lie in that statement.

Of course, the former first lady has the right to be angry with the racist treatment she and her husband faced, but she notably repeated:

‘When they go low, we go high.’

Hannity has criticized Mrs. Obama’s body, her voice, and even the way she dressed, claiming she wanted “all these great designer clothes,” because he said Michelle Obama hoped people would call her Jackie Kennedy. Oh, please.

Unlike Hannity, even Trump realizes how beloved Mrs. Obama is.

Check out Hannity spouting off on his show in the voice recording below:

Featured Image: Getty Images/Drew Angerer.