That Time Sean Spicer Was The White House Easter Bunny (IMAGES)


Once upon a time, Sean Spicer had a heart. He brought joy to the lives of innocent children and wasn’t afraid to embrace some of the simplest values many Americans hold dear.

It’s true! Spicer wasn’t always an angry, bitter, media-hating member of Donald Trump’s flunkie squad. There was a time when Spicer’s human side prevailed and he took time to connect to and truly serve the people he represents.

While the notion of Spicer having a human side or being connected to anything good may feel and sound odd, it’s true. How? Spicer was once the White House Easter Bunny. Now before you bust a gut laughing, think about it, what better way to truly bond with children, literally be someone else, and have fun like no one is watching?

The University of the District of Columbia’s Jordan Uhl, tweeted this image on Friday:

The photo is actually a bit endearing and for some, likely reminds that Spicer knows the err of his ways under Donald Trump. He is not some unwilling participant in the deceit and opaque leadership of Donald Trump. Anyone who will dress up like the Easter Bunny, has a heart for people and the innocence of childhood.

CNN reports that Spicer was the White House Easter Bunny under former President George W. Bush when Spicer served as assistant United States trade representative for media and public affairs. This role must have been one that Spicer truly enjoyed and may need to go back to in order to regain his sense of morality, ethics, and desire to serve.

Spicer tweeted this reflection in 2016:

Because Spicer has quickly embraced his place as highly disliked, the resurfacing of his Easter Bunny picture has become internet fodder. Tweets like the ones below remind everyone just how much people despise Spicer:

It seems Spicer was much more likable as the Easter Bunny.

Featured Image via Getty/Drew Angerer/Staff.