Trump Launches Into Lunchtime Meltdown Over Russia And Chuck Schumer (TWEET)


Um, what?

Donald Trump had, um, a few words to say about the ongoing controversy into his administration’s connections to Russia this afternoon.

He tweeted a very low quality image of New York’s Democratic U.S. Senator Chuck Schumer seemingly enjoying a bagel and coffee while standing in what looks like a souvenir shop with none other then Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Accompanying that image is the message: “We should start an immediate investigation into Senator Chuck Schumer and his ties to Russia and Putin. A total hypocrite!”

Schumer currently serves as the Senate Minority Leader, and Trump has attacked him before in that capacity, calling him a “clown.”

This tweet though, this tweet is just something else.

What is Trump thinking?

Some people in the comments section suggested that it was a joke, but that’s not particularly probable.

What’s more probable, and more frightening, is that Trump thinks that what he’s saying here is a legitimate argument.

In reality though, it’s the farthest thing from that. In a way, it’s an admission of guilt. It’s like he’s saying, yes, I have illegal and/or unethical connections to Russia — but look over there at that shiny thing! The line of reasoning here is like How Not To Make A Legitimate Argument 101.

And yet, it’s being employed by the President of the United States.

God save us all.

For the record, the mass of evidence exposing the corrupt Russian connections to Donald Trump’s rise to power is well documented, with much more than dubious, odd photos.

Featured Image via Andrew Harrer/ Bloomberg via Getty Images