CNN Breaks New Trump Executive Order Announcement, ACLU Ready To Fight


With regard to his highly controversial Muslim Ban, Donald Trump has been his own worst enemy. Inflammatory tweets like the ones below proved to be self-defeating given Trump’s efforts to show that the ban wasn’t discriminatory and specifically targeting Muslims:

Trump has also failed to show little decorum where his failing efforts to have the ban upheld, are concerned. He has resorted to using highly charged language towards one of the judges who has ruled against him:

Even though the ban had been to court and defeated several times, in several jurisdictions, Trump boastfully tweeted that he’d see someone, presumably anyone, in court:

Weeks have passed since Trump made the ban, and it was perhaps his most contentious move since taking office. In that time, sources have said that Trump and his advisers were looking at revisions to the ban that would capitalize on possible loopholes in the Constitution and allow the ban to stand as law.

CNN is now reporting that Trump will sign an updated version of the order sometime next week, possibly as soon as Monday. White House officials told CNN that Trump was supposed to sign the revised document last week, but he delayed doing so because his failure of an address to Congress received such rave reviews.

As if anything concerning the ban is in high demand, a White House staffer told CNN that Trump wants the revised version of the order to “have its own moment.”

There is also not-so-surprising talk about Iraq being removed from the edited ban. Trump and those in his administration who stand to gain from playing nice with oil rich Iraq would never want to miss the chance to look good to the country’s leadership. However, the official excuse being given for Iraq’s possible removal is “diplomatic reasons,” to include Iraq’s work in support of fighting ISIS.

Much like all messages from the Trump administration, there have been mixed messages as to whether the new ban will work with or independently of the old version. Sean Spicer previously said they two documents would operate on a “dual track.” Paradoxically, the Justice Department has released information indicating the old version will be rescinded upon the release of the new one.

Whatever version the Trump administration tries to have enforced, there is no doubt that entities like the ACLU will fight tooth and nail to ensure that the ban, in any form, is defeated and ruled unconstitutional.

The CNN report explaining Iraq’s possible removal from the list of countries banned, is below:

Featured Image via Getty/Zach Gibson/Stringer