Lindsey Graham Mercilessly Booed In Public & The Video Has Gone Viral (VIDEO)


The hypocrisy of the current Republican party is so blatant that it’s sad to the point of almost being funny. For nearly a year, GOP leaders were Donald Trump’s harshest critics and held nothing back where their pure disdain for him was concerned.

Now, like the true two-faced backstabbers they are, many of them continue to sacrifice what little integrity they have, in order to openly support and praise Trump as if his policies don’t represent hate, division, and everything America is supposed to stand against. Sen. Lindsey Graham is no different.

Graham has a reputation for saying crazy, outlandish, and downright ignorant things. However, when he commented on Trump’s election fraud claims, even some of Graham’s harshest critics were led to believe he had a spine:

‘I wasn’t there, but if the President of the United States is claiming that 3.5 million people voted illegally, that shakes confidence in our democracy — he needs to disclose why he believes that. I would urge the President to knock this off; this is the greatest democracy on Earth, we’re the leader of the free world, and people are going to start doubting you as a person if you keep making accusations against our electoral system without justification. This is going to erode his ability to govern this country if he does not stop it.’

Now, like he never made it clear that he didn’t care for Trump’s policies or asserted that he endorsed Ted Cruz only out of the need to beat Trump, Graham is broadcasting his love of the president like people are supposed to feel good about his inconsistency, flip-flopping, and lack of morals.

At a town hall meeting in Charleston, SC, Graham told the crowd:

‘Imma help my President Donald Trump be as successful as possible, because mostly I agree with him and I’d like to get this country moving again.’

The audience wasn’t having any of his Trump-loving rhetoric. They boo’ed him angrily and made it quite clear that he was going down a path they don’t support. He talked about repealing Obamacare; the crowd didn’t ease up. For the most part everything Graham said, the crowd hated.

In true modern GOP fashion, Graham’s way of dealing with the attendees’ feedback was to ignore it. He kept talking as if the crowd was cheering for what he was saying, not making their disdain for what he was saying, crystal clear.

Attitude reflects leadership; birds of a feather flock together. The era of not giving a damn about what the people say or think is a dangerous culture that Donald Trump has ushered in and is fostering.

Watch Graham get boo’ed, below:

Featured Image via Getty/Alex Wong/Staff.