Mike Pence Has Anti-Media Hissy Fit ‘Trump Style’, After Private Email Account Exposed


Vice President Mike Pence has apparently, got the same arrogance that allows President Trump to presume that he’s in a position to make lofty pronouncements about whether or not the media is doing right.

Pence has just joined in Trump’s seemingly never-ending war on the media with a tweet of his own, demanding an apology from the Associated Press for including in an article an email address of Karen Pence’s that’s turned out to be still active. Pence’s office claims, apparently, that the Second Lady — that’s what they call the Vice President’s wife, if you didn’t know — has received a steady stream of hate mail ever since her email address was made public.

Thus, Pence wrote on Twitter, quite simply, “The Associated Press owes my wife an apology.”

Accompanying his tweet is a copy of a letter sent from Pence’s lawyer to the Associated Press, detailing how what they had done in publishing an active email of Karen Pence’s is, apparently, so very heinously wrong that they owe the Pences an apology. After all, if Trump is running his end of things like a reality tv show, then Pence is certainly running his end of things like he’s headmaster of an abusive Christian boarding school.

Anyway, the letter states, in part:

‘The publication of Mrs. Pence’s active private email address to millions of your readers has subjected her to vitriolic and malicious emails… There was absolutely no reason to publish this private email address, and you should be ashamed of your reprehensible conduct… the Associated Press should observe the basic tenets of fairness, decency, and journalistic integrity.’

Oh, shut up. Talk about arrogance.

First of all, the AP, as the letter itself even clearly states, did not intentionally publish an active email that belonged to Karen Pence. The AP was surprised to learn that the address was still active. The email was, apparently, published as a part of their story on that the Pences’ emails were hacked while Mike served as Governor of Indiana — leading us to point number two.

Secondly, there certainly was anything but “absolutely no reason” for the AP to publish the email address. Again, that’s literally what the story was about — the Pences’ emails.

Additionally, if this email address is, indeed, the one that got hacked while Mike served as Governor, then why in bloody hell is Karen still using it?

And, finally, if Karen Pence doesn’t want hate mail, then perhaps she shouldn’t associate herself with people like Mike Pence.

The Pences are in no more of a position then Donald Trump is to boss the press around.

It’s called a “free press” for a reason.

Featured Image via Alex Wong/Getty Images.