Republicans Come Together & Make Anti-Trump Announcement Over Obama ‘Wire Tap’


With all of the legal genius at Donald Trump’s disposal, one would think that he would use it before spouting off plum foolishness. If he did, he would know that in general, it is widely accepted that the U.S. legal system is set-up such that the burden of proof regarding the establishment of guilt, lies on the person/group making an accusation.

Applying the above rule of thumb to Trump’s unsubstantiated allegation that former President Barack Obama monitored Trump’s phone lines during the 2016 election, it would mean that Trump needs to provide some semblance of proof. He hasn’t. He won’t. There is nothing for him to provide because no “wiretapping” took place.

Like always, Trump has just run his mouth and tweeted craziness.

The allegations Trump is making against former President Obama are serious and have major legal implications. To that end, if Trump’s accusations are legitimate, anyone who believes in justice wants to see Trump get it.

Trump should want to have justice for the violation of his privacy he is asserting has taken place. He should be excited about producing evidence to support the claims he is making.

D.C. lawmakers want Trump to have the justice he deserves if he is telling the truth. Republican Congressman Justin Amash (MI) is joining the ranks of Representatives Ben Sasse (R-NE) and Lindsey Graham (R-SC) who have demanded that Trump “put up or shut up” – produce proof that supports his allegations, or stop spreading lies.

On Saturday, Amash called on Trump provide Congress with the verification needed to hold President Obama accountable for the wires Trump knows Obama didn’t didn’t tap.

Sasse, Graham and Amash definitely shouldn’t hold their breath while waiting for Trump to present evidence of wiretapping.

While it’s true that life can sometimes be unfair, how many times can former President Obama truly be expected to go high when they go low? At what point does he get to defend himself with the same uncouth tactics that are used against him by the likes of the vile and disgusting Donald Trump?

When time tells what people already know, which is that there was no wiretapping, as there is no proof, will the people echoing Donald Trump’s lies around this subject support President Obama if he files slander and libel lawsuits against Breitbart and the Trump administration? Probably not, but in this country, actions have consequences and Donald Trump needs to know that there are extremely serious legal implications behind the lies he is spreading and ways in which he is defaming the character of President Obama.

Featured Image via Getty/Bill Pugliano/Stringer