Stephen King Enters Saturday Twitter War With Trump & It Is Fantastic


It’s easier for Donald Trump to say that everyone is out to get him, rather than to just admit that he and his staffers are liars who have spent the last year and change, deceiving the American people. Trump awoke this morning tweeting the kind of foolishness that frequently makes him the butt of jokes.

His lies against former President Obama are no laughing matter, though.

It would be too much like right for Trump and his staff to own that they have had inappropriate contact with Russian officials. Early Saturday morning, Trump tweeted:

Ironically, the way Trump’s catch 22/double-edged sword works is that where he is concerned Election 2016 was “sacred.” Wire taps, however non-existent/fictitious they may be, are “A NEW LOW!”

Recognizing the complete and total ignorance of Trump’s baseless claims against former President Obama, many people took to Twitter to respond to Trump and put him in his place. Few responses have been more hilarious that Stephen King’s. The famed horror writer took time to weigh in on Trump’s meritless accusations:

NBC News has confirmed that there is no information supporting Trump’s crazy claims. Alt-right media outlets such as Breitbart are about the extent of the support of Trump’s argument that former President Obama tapped the phones/electronic devices of Trump/those connected to him.

It’s quite simple, really: If Donald Trump and his staff had nothing to do with Russia/fraud, he’d have nothing to worry about. However, his heightened displays of extreme and irrational paranoia, mixed with the revelations around the disgraced Michael Flynn and Jeff Sessions, are further proof that the Trump administration has a lot to hide.

If Donald Trump had nothing to hide, he wouldn’t care if there were wire taps, but the fact that there have been no wire taps and he is fabricating stories that there have been, is evidence that someone should order the Trump campaign to be placed under surveillance.

Job well done, Stephen King. You have cleverly tweeted what many Americans have been feeling for months.

Featured Image via Getty/Isaac Brekken/Stringer.