Don Cheadle Accuses Donald Trump Of Saying ‘Nig**er’ – Buckle Up (DETAILS)


Actor Don Cheadle is no fan of Donald Trump, but when he received a tweet saying that he had a long history of hating the new president, Cheadle responded by admitting that was true.

Then he said why.

The Academy Award-winning actor did not hold back as Twitter users responded and questioned him further about the incident. One asked him why he failed to mention that comment during the campaigns when it could have presumably changed people’s minds about voting for the former reality television host.

Another expressed disbelief that any public figure would be so clueless as to ask such a question in a public venue. Cheadle reminded followers that Trump wasn’t always such a public figure and that his disgusting past has long been well-known.

Yet another made a sarcastic comment about those still in disbelief about Cheadle’s claim considering some of the background knowledge the public already has about Trump’s racist past.

When another Twitter follower asked Cheadle how in the world that question came up in conversation, Cheadle responded perfectly with a reminder of how common ignorant racism such as Trump’s awful question still is.

Cheadle has been an outspoken critic of Trump, both on social media and by appearing in anti-Trump political ads during the campaigns. With this most recent claim, it’s easy to see why.

Trump’s insistence that he is “the least racist person” doesn’t have anyone fooled. In addition to his history as a racist slumlord who ordered doormen not to allow people of color inside his buildings and refused to rent to people of color and/or welfare recipients, Trump made racist comments about Mexican immigrants during the announcement of his bid for the presidency and retweeted white nationalist memes with false statistics that painted people of color as dangerous criminals out to kill white folks.

Don Cheadle’s claims, as a result of what the public already knows about Trump, should come as no surprise. As much as Trump wants to deny it now, video and audio proof exists in today’s age of digital media that he cannot deny.

Featured image via Getty/Frederick M. Brown