Conservative Groups Throw Trump’s Healthcare Bill Under The Bus In A Big Way


The House Republicans have failed to uphold their promises once more. On Tuesday, conservative groups were full of disappointment following the release of the new healthcare proposal, due to it not completely nullifying ObamaCare. If these seat holders can’t even please their own party with their proposals, what makes them think they will be able to please opposing parties?

The Club for Growth denigrated the proposal calling it “RyanCare.” If the bill isn’t revised significantly the club will record the names of Republicans who successfully vote for the bill, or so they threatened. FreedomWorks, Heritage Action, and the Koch Brothers-aligned Americans for Prosperity also slammed the new bill on Monday that was named “American Health Care Act.” The GOP can’t handle having additional members with increasing disapproval ratings.

During a phone interview on Tuesday the president of AFP, Tim Phillips said:

‘This is simply not a full repeal of ObamaCare. It falls far short of the promises Republicans made to the American people in four consecutive federal elections. The proposed legislation trades one form of government subsidy for another government subsidy, and doesn’t roll back the mandate of ObamaCare. It’s a poor first attempt.’

The statements, which were “coincidentally” received within an hour of each other, from these four affluent, prominent conservative groups that criticized the legislation made it a hassle for Speaker Paul Ryan and those who wrote the bill: Energy and Commerce Chairman Greg Walden of Oregon and Ways and Means Chairman Kevin Brady of Texas.

The president of the Club for Growth, David McIntosh stated:

‘The problems with this bill are not just what’s in it, but also what’s missing: namely, the critical free-market solution of selling health insurance across state lines. Such an injection of competition would lead to hundreds of billions of dollars in savings, nullifying any argument by Congressional Republicans that this provision cannot be included in the current bill.’

McIntosh added:

‘Republicans should be offering a full and immediate repeal of Obamacare’s taxes, regulations, and mandates, an end to the Medicaid expansion, and inclusion of free-market reforms, like interstate competition.’

At a news conference on Tuesday Walden, along with Brady, who played a large part in the making of the bill, pushed back on conservative objections saying:

‘As Republicans we have a choice. We can act now or we can keep fiddling around and squander this opportunity to repeal ObamaCare and begin a new chapter for the American people.’

Brady compared the bill to the legislation of Tom Price’s, who is the secretary of health and human services for President Trump, which he mentioned had 84 cosponsors, including members and leaders of the Freedom Caucus, the RSC and the Republican conference.

Apparently, ObamaCare isn’t as terrible as it was made out to be, considering the newly proposed legislation by the House Republicans still contains provisions of the ObamaCare Bill. It must have more to offer than Trump wanted to give former President Obama credit for. Seems to me Obama is still in the lead.

Featured image via GettyImages/ Mark Wilson.