Former Arkansas Judge Forces Women To Have Sex With Him To Get Out Of Jail


Donald Trump has brought a lot of negative things to the national stage, but one of the most vile and disgusting has to be the normalization of sexual assault, specifically of women. With his despicable “grab her by the pussy” remark, and others like it, coupled with a failure to atone for them, Donald Trump set women’s rights back hundreds of years.

The abuse of power that Donald Trump displayed with his comments isn’t new, but it’s an attitude that people have fought hard to ensure that everyone, specifically women, don’t have to endure. Sadly, Trumpian ways aren’t exclusive to Donald Trump alone.

Tim Parker has some Trump-like ways of his own. Parker was a judge in Arkansas – we say “was” because:

A real life quid pro quo: the kind that lawyers are warned about in every legal ethics and mentoring class. Tim Parker was trading jail releases for sex, prescription pills, and other favors.

In his formal letter of reprimand, the Arkansas Judicial Discipline and Disability Commission (JDCC) stated that Parker:

‘. . .engaged in a pattern of personal relationships with many female litigants.’

The letter went on to assert:

‘Allegations also exist about trading cash or prescription pills for sexual favors or money with many of the same women, as well as other women in the community.’

Although Parker denied the allegations made against him, he didn’t formally contest them. When questioned as to why he didn’t defend himself if the claims are not true, Parker said:

‘I have young children and I don’t want them exposed to that kind of crap.’

As part of the terms of the findings of the investigation into his actions, Parker has also been banned from ever being a judge again. However, that ban is only in the state of Arkansas and to date, doesn’t include him having been disbarred.

Parker is also facing criminal charges.

Featured Image screenshot via Fox News U.S.