JUST IN: The White House Is Teaming Up With Russia To Eliminate Journalists


John Schindler the former NSA analyst and current national security columnist for the Observer just disclosed one of Trump’s shady schemes. On Tuesday he claimed one of his intelligence agents suggested that Russian intelligence officials and President Trump along with the White House officials are conspiring to target reporters.

In a tweet, Schindler unveiled:

‘Learned fm very reliable IC sources that Trump WH, w/help fm Russian intel, is targeting US journalists. Rough road ahead. Get ready, peeps.’

Even though Schindler currently hasn’t shared any details of the claim, it is well known that Trump has had it out for the media since the beginning of his time in office. Trump despises the media but ironically, he has clung to Fox News, Breitbart News, and numerous politically conservative blogs. Obviously he welcomes them in hopes that they will not report on discrediting topics, or that they’ll find a way to spin things in his favor.

Trump’s scheme to eliminate the media is apparent. He picks out smaller outlets with lower ratings and then attempts to discredit them by bashing and depreciating them.

Trump’s officials have went as far as putting out a fake story in order to discipline the reporter for Politico, Alex Isenstadt, for supposedly finding the death of a Navy SEAL humorous.
So who is the one creating “Fake News?”

In the eyes of Trump, the media is simply “fake news” and the journalists are “the enemy of the people.” Last month during a conservative meeting, Trump declared:

‘The fake news doesn’t tell the truth. It doesn’t represent the people, it doesn’t and never will represent the people, and we’re going to do something about it.’

The only person who considers the media an enemy is Donald Trump. I don’t blame him though. If it were me in the spotlight of every news outlet, which are exposing his lies and displaying them for the public to see, I’d most likely consider them an enemy as well.

The journalists are doing Americans and the rest of the world a huge favor by showing us the type of person that is failing to properly run the United States. Every idiot who voted for Trump should be remorseful.

Featured image via Getty Images/ Drew Angerer.