Andrea Mitchell Responds To Bill O’Reilly Calling Her ‘Unruly’ And It’s Amazing


Wednesday MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell just responded to an insult tweeted by Fox’s Bill O’Reilly, which called her most recent broadcast an “unruly edition.”

In a lame attempt to be anything other than a total jerk, Fox New’s Bill O’Reilly referred to Andrea Mitchell as “unruly” after she did her job, asking several questions about Russia of Secretary of State Rex Tillerson and the Ukrainian Foreign Minister Palvo Klimkin. Because of her line of questioning, Mitchell was escorted by staffers from the State Department briefing room. This is the second time this past month Mitchell has been escorted from the room for refusing to back down.

Last week, during a photo-op for Secretary of State Tillerson and Yukiya Amano, International Atomic Energy Agency Director, Andrea Mitchell questioned Tillerson about budget cuts which resulted in her being escorted out shortly thereafter.

Apparently the MSNBC host was informed of, or happened upon O’Reilly’s tweet, which resulted in Mitchell ending her Wednesday airing of Andrea Mitchell Reports with:

‘That does it for this unruly edition of Andrea Mitchell Reports.’

According to a Fox News spokesperson, the tweet was sent out by a staff member that works for O’Reilly’s website and not anyone from the Fox network.

Bill O’Reilly is repugnant, so it’s only fitting that his comment came on International Women’s Day. Several reporters defended Mitchell on Twitter, and rightfully took issue with the timing and content of the message:

Featured Image via Getty Images/Alex Wong.