Spicer Conference Gets Super Awkward When He Asks Who Wants Trump (VIDEO)


Press Secretary Sean Spicer may regret being a smart-aleck. On Wednesday, during his daily White House briefing, Spicer was asked by a reporter if they could get a news conference with the president. Specifically, the reporter asked:

‘Is it possible that we could see the president for a more general multi-question news conference? He’s been a little press shy this week, from North Korea to health care selling, to CIA leaks. We’d love to talk to him. Could we see him for a news conference?’

Indeed, the press has plenty to ask President Donald Trump. This week has, so far, been a doozy. North Korea shot four missiles into the Sea of Japan. The details of the Obamacare replacement bill were released to harsh criticism from many, including even some Republicans. Oh yes, and let’s not forget that WikiLeaks released a ton of documents revealing the CIA is listening and can hack iPhones and Samsung Smart TVs.

In response to the reporter, Spicer tried to laugh it off and responded, “I will ask… You’re not the only I’m sure.” He stuttered and then said, “Is there anyone else? I will be glad to ask. Show of hands.”

That’s when the room of reporters unanimously raised their hands revealing that, yes, members of the press would definitely like to speak to the president directly about some pretty important issues. You know, they’d like to do their job, Spicey.

He went on to describe the president as oh-so busy. Never mind the fact that he’s had plenty of time for his morning Twitter rants. It’s a hard life. Spicer stumbled in response, stating:

‘I would be glad to ask the president and share your request with him, and I will see what we can do on a schedule. You know, he is very busy these days. He has done a lot of sprays. He will continue to interact with you guys. But I will be glad to make your request known.’

Right. That’s why all his meetings Wednesday were closed off to the media. He will totally continue to interact with the press. You can watch the debacle below:


Featured image is a screenshot from video.