Donald Says Not To Say ‘TrumpCare’ – Internet Ridicule Almost Instant (TWEETS)


For a man that loves to smear his name all over everything he does as though he’s a child peeing in the snow, marking his territory, Donald Trump does not want this new health care act to be called “TrumpCare.”

What’s fair is fair though, right?

Interestingly, when President Barack Obama passed the Affordable Care Act, opponents of the historic piece of health care legislation coined the Act “ObamaCare” as some kind of retaliation. Apparently, Donald Trump does not want that to happen to the newly released GOP replacement for the Affordable Care Act: the American Health Care Act, or ACHA.

The acronym for the name Republicans are going with has been likened, quite eloquently, to a sneeze. This is perhaps surprising given Donald Trump’s aptitude at coining snazzy, memorable names — which America witnessed during his campaign with “Crooked Hillary,” “Little Marco” and “Lyin’ Ted.” It is however undoubtedly better than the name Sen. Bill Cassidy and Rep. Pete Sessions promoted, which was “The World’s Greatest Health Care Plan Act of 2017.”

Wow, that’s a mouthful. Republicans sure are a humble bunch, aren’t they?

President Trump for his part has, thus far, referred to the ACHA as “our wonderful new Health Care Bill,” “the replacement plan” and “the new and great health care program,” perhaps because he doesn’t know, or care to know, its official name.

During a recent press briefing at the White House, various officials were asked about whether “TrumpCare” would be a permissible nickname for the Act. Trump’s health and human services secretary was one of the first to snap back, claiming:

‘I prefer to call it patient care.’

Donald Trump’s loveable White House Easter Bunny — er, press secretary — tried to pretend the opposition to calling it TrumpCare had to do with GOP focus:

‘We’re less concerned with labels right now and more in terms of action and results,’ Spicer said.

As people pushed on, eager to get the administration to agree to the name, they sent out Kellyanne Conway to assert:

‘I’ll call it Trumpcare if you want to, but I didn’t hear President Trump say to any of us, “Hey I want my name on that.” We’re happy it is the American Health Care Act. This is serious stuff. This isn’t about branding according to someone’s name.’

Following that, a White House spokesperson got really serious, likely demonstrating Trump’s opposition to the name by saying succinctly and sternly:

‘It’s not Trumpcare. We will be calling it by its official name.’

Well then.

Some Democratic Senators, however, are going to use this opportunity give the Republicans a taste of their own medicine. Senator Claire McCaskill began to identify the ACHA by “Trumpcare,” and shows no signs of easing up:

‘What we have after the repeal is Trumpcare. Whatever is left after the dust settles is Trumpcare. Now, I know the president likes to play close attention to what he puts his name on.’

Why Donald Trump is averse to putting his name on the Act is certainly a perplexing question. The man truly does love to splash “Trump” on everything he does. Is his reluctance perhaps the result of a lack of contribution to the health care solution? That’s certainly one possibility. Alternatively, we can assume that he wants to remain neutral enough regarding the plan that if or when it backfires, he has a way to blame someone else.

Let the chants begin!

Feature Image via Getty Images/Pool.