Fox Host Calls Out Trump Administration For Lying – Heads Are Gonna Roll (VIDEO)


Since his campaign began, Donald Trump has been involved in an ongoing feud with the press. Trump claims that the media is unfairly biased against him, but part of their opposition to him is due to the fact that his administration has had a problem with the truth and Trump accuses organizations that fact check him as being biased against him. In reality, if he and his staff would simply make an effort to base their statements on facts, then his problems with the media would likely decrease.

That being said, not every media outlet has feuded with Trump. Conservative outlets such as Breitbart and Newsmax have enjoyed what appears to be a fairly strong relationship with the Trump White House. Among cable news outlets, Fox News has also fared better than some of their competitors.

However, some of Fox’s commentators have shown a willingness to challenge Trump when on factual issues. One such person is Shepard Smith who commented on Sean Spicer’s response to a question regarding Michael Flynn.

During a recent press briefing, Spicer was asked if the Trump administration knew that Flynn had been employed by the Turkish government prior to be chosen as national security adviser.  Spicer said that he did not believe Trump was aware of that.

Smith, however, questioned the administration’s response to this latest development arguing that Trump and his staff have been less than forthcoming in the past.

‘The White House said he was a private citizen at the time. But there’s been a lot of lying, Julie. And––there’s been a lot of lying, there’s been lying about who you talk to and by lots of people, and almost inevitably and invariably, they were lying about talking to the Russians about something. It’s too much lying and too much Russia and too much smoke, and now they’re investigating. Where are we in this thing?’

To be frankly honest, we’re a bit surprised Smith still has a job. He has consistently been the network’s most vocal commentator when it comes to calling Trump out on his dishonesty. Regardless of our feelings about his network, it’s encouraging to watch him hold Trump accountable.

Featured image via Youtube.