Rachel Maddow’s New Russia Exclusive Will Completely Blow Your Mind (VIDEO)


When Rachel Maddow said Tuesday that “every day” new details were coming out of the woodwork to substantiate allegations that the Trump team colluded with Russia, she was not kidding.

Wednesday evening, Rachel Maddow had another major piece of information to reveal regarding the alleged Donald Trump/Vladimir Putin collusion deal, and it is a detail which takes us back to Trump’s campaign days.

She described how a single development at the Republican National Convention (RNC) stuck out like a sore thumb to journalists, but no one “could make heads or tails of at the time.” Now that more information has come out regarding Russia’s involvement in the 2016 election, specifically to help Donald Trump become president, the pieces have fallen into place.

At the RNC, the party put out their 2016 Republican Party Platform. This is something that happens at every single convention, and given that their candidate can adhere to it, or make contradictory promises, it wasn’t paid much attention. That said, Donald Trump and his team took issue with a single issue within the document – and it had to do with Russia.

Maddow explained:

‘There was a proposed plank of the Republican Party Platform that said Ukraine should get help from the United States, up to and including lethal weaponry so Ukraine could fight off Russian incursions…[The Trump team] insisted that one, only that one, had to be taken out; that language could not stand.’

At this time, Donald Trump’s campaign manager was Paul Manafort. That is the same Manafort that resigned, had previously worked for pro-Russian former president of the Ukraine, Viktor F. Yanukovych, for pro-Russian groups in Ukraine and had contact with these officials throughout the Trump campaign.

Maddow reported that one Ukrainian official in particular, with stark pro-Russia views actually entered the U.S. in the late summer to speak with Manafort, right around when the RNC was held. This official, as well as Manafort are currently under investigation with the FBI.

Rachel Maddow also describes the suspicious responses that both Donald Trump and Manafort had when they had to answer to why they took issue with that particular piece of the Republican Party Platform. Both claimed they had nothing to do with that decision. Yet, J.P. Gordon, a member of Trump’s team claimed that he had pushed for it to be altered, at the insistence of Donald Trump. That said, he has since changed his story.

Rachel Maddow places this new development in context with regard to the entire Trump/Russia allegations when she said:

‘More pieces of it are falling into place. The Trump campaign used to deny that any of its staffers, anyone related to the Trump campaign had any contact with any Russians during the campaign. Well, no. In fact, meetings between the Trump campaign and the Russians have now led to the resignation of the National Security Adviser. It’s led to the recusal of the Attorney General of the United States. The Trump campaign, as of last night, is not only admitting a trip to Russia by one of its official foreign policy advisers during the campaign but as of last night, they’re now admitting that this trip was authorized by the Trump campaign at the time he went to Moscow. Now, politico.com is reporting what is basically a direct Russian tie to that that change in the Republican Party platform to benefit Russia last year.’

Every single day more information comes out regarding the Trump/Russia allegations, more pieces of the dossier get corroborated and we as a nation inch closer and closer to uncovering the truth about the 2016 election and Trump’s dealings with Vladimir Putin.

WATCH Rachel Maddow’s segment below, where she drops this bombshell:


Feature Image screengrab via YouTube.