What The POTUS Just Said About ‘TrumpCare’ Will Make You Furious (VIDEO)


Blame, deflect, deny, and lie, that appears to be the standard operating procedure for Donald Trump and his staff. This has been the the administration’s strategy for responding to the controversy surrounding their relationship with Russia and Election 2016, Trump’s way of dealing with demands that he furnish his taxes and Trump’s method of providing answers around his personal business holdings.

Blame, deflect, deny, and lie will likely be how Trump handles health care if his plan isn’t successful or doesn’t gain the momentum needed to make it out of Congress. In fact, Donald Trump flat out said that he will blame Democrats if his plan isn’t successful.

Although Republicans are currently in control of the House, Senate and White House, the public outcry against repealing the ACA has been so great, that some Republican legislators are said to be toying with the idea of going against status quo and not supporting the Trump replacement. If this happens, the replacement won’t have the votes to make it out of Congress.

CNN reports that Trump is fully aware of the potential obstacles his plan to repeal the ACA faces. This week Trump met with the leaders of some of the conservative groups that don’t have buy-in to his health care plans. In true Trump fashion sources say he arrogantly, smugly, and frankly articulated his contingency health care plan:  Allow ObamaCare to fail and blame Democrats.

Among those present at the meeting, representatives from some of the most conservative groups in the country:  Club for Growth, Heritage Foundation, Americans for Prosperity, FreedomWorks, and the Tea Party Patriots. Too consumed by his ego to understand their possible recognition of the pros of the ACA, some present at the meeting state that Trump chastised those who didn’t fully submit to his plan, even going as far as telling those voicing dissent:

‘You are helping the other side.’

Trump claims that his plan will be:

‘Much more understood and much more popular than people can even imagine.’

Sources also told CNN that Trump threatens a “blood bath” if his plan doesn’t pass. Meant literally or not, that mere thought of that consequence is a daunting reminder about what Americans can expect from Donald Trump where health care is concerned.

Watch Trump talk around his health care plan while still being ambiguous and making little sense, below:


Featured Image via Getty/Isaac Brekken/Stringer